100Gb Dual Port QNAP Network Expansion Card

QNAP introduced this new week 100Gb Dual Port Network Expansion Card Announced available from the official QNAP Accessories Store at $1,199. Dual port QXG-100G2SF-CX6 The network expansion card has a capacity of 100 gigabit A NVIDIA Mellanox ConnectX-6 Dx Controller and supports PCIe 4.0 . slot Providing up to 200 Gbps total throughput to overcome performance bottlenecks, says QNAP.

The QXG-100G2SF-CX6 also supports dump functions including RDMA, RoCE v1/v2, and SR-IOV (1K VFs and 8 PFs), the QXG-100G2SF-CX6 greatly enhances network efficiency and is ideal for intensive I/O, data centers and simulation The default response time is sensitive.

100Gb Dual Port Network Expansion Card

The QXG-100G2SF-CX6 is ideal for unleashing the full potential of QNAP’s full NVMe NAS, including the TS-h2490FU, TDS-h2489FU and TS-h1290FX featuring one PCIe Gen 4 slot(s) for industry-leading throughput, low latency and message rate high. They can be paired with high-speed switches to enable faster data transfer and network efficiency with unparalleled performance for RDMA, RoCE v1/v2, and SR-IOV (1K VFs & 8 PFs). The QXG-100G2SF-CX6 also supports Windows Server (2016 or 2019) and Linux systems”.

Andy Chuang, Product Manager Added QNAP, said: “The QXG-100G2SF-CX6 is a feature-rich networking solution with advanced technologies to reduce CPU workloads, making it ideal for I/O intensive, latency-sensitive virtualization and enterprise-grade storage applications. -100G2SF-CX6 is a perfect match for all-flash storage to achieve peak performance capabilities for ever-increasing IT challenges.”

Source: QNAP

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