Mysterious Smartphone Two Nubia Screens Will Be Named Nubia Z18S

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Previously circulated a mysterious smartphone design that is being worked on by Nubia. Uniquely, this mysterious smartphone has two screens, where the secondary screen is placed on the back of the device. Some suspect, this device is Z18. Is that right?

The mystery is now beginning to reveal a little. Through leaks that appear on the internet, allegedly this smartphone will have the mention of Nubia Z18S. In addition, most likely the display panel to be loaded on the back has adopted LCD technology with low resolution.

Because the back screen can also be used for narcissistic photos and video chat, all of course can be done using the help of dual-camera embedded. Although two-screen smartphones are not something new, the ones offered by Nubia are of course more interesting.

Not a few who asked, whether later Nubia Z18S will also be packed with the main screen bangs? If you see a number of leaked images that appear, it seems Nubia reluctant to do so. And it’s possible that the bangs screen will be applied by Nubia to other smartphones.

Expected, Nubia Z18S not only has a unique design with the support of two screens, but Nubia can also pack it as a powerful smartphone. For this reason, this smartphone hope comes with Snapdragon 845 chipset and appears before the end of this year.

Nubia itself is also currently disebukkan with cultivation of his latest smartphone, the Nubia Z18. One interesting thing, this smartphone will be packed with bezel-less on all sides and Nubia calls this screen technology FullScreen 3.0.

Not only that, the previous leak also shows that Nubia Z18 has AnTuTu test results above 280 thousand. Therefore, there is a possibility this smartphone will be equipped with a powerful hardware specifications, not only chipsets, but also RAM and ROM embedded.

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