Totally superfluous? This is Lenovo’s foldable smartphone

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Lenovo shows foldable smartphone

Samsung and Huawei have been working on their foldable smartphones. At the end of this year, the first model will be presented – rumors claim. Now with Lenovo another manufacturer comes on the scene. Twitter user bang_gogo_ shows a short video of an obvious prototype.

You can see a pretty slim smartphone that can be bent backwards. The display is on during the video and responds to input. The downside: It does not seem to fold completely, but only to a certain degree. The hinge is reminiscent of the Surface Book (see picture above) from Microsoft.

The benefits of folding smartphones can not yet be explained at first glance. But with this model, one wonders: who wants to fold his cell phone like this? Let’s hope that Lenovo does a little bit better, after all, it’s not the first concept.

Lenovo C +: The first kink attempt

Already two years ago Lenovo showed a foldable smartphone and a tablet. The C + could be put around the wrist like a bangle . The tablet “Folio” could be folded in the middle and used as a smartphone.

The device in the current video will be an early study. The display shows a blind spot on the right edge and the wide area under the screen will probably not turn into a finished product.

Lenovo has two strong competitors, Samsung and Huawei. In addition, it is uncertain whether foldable smartphones prevailed at all. Hopefully, Lenovo will show us a redesigned device until that happens.

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