This poster reveals Nubia Red Magic 2 has 10 GB of RAM

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In October 2018, gadget lovers were shocked by Razer who released their newest gaming smartphone, Razer Phone 2 . Not there, Xiaomi did not want to lose by introducing Black Shark Helo which is a continuation of its first gaming smartphone.

Besides that, it is still in the same month, another smartphone manufacturer, namely ASUS has also begun marketing the ASUS ROG Phone . You could say, the gaming smartphone competition is getting so tight and interesting. Moreover, Huawei began to join in by introducing Mate 20 X.

Well! Of course we remember other smartphone manufacturers that have similar devices, Razer Phone 2, Helo and ROG Phone. Yes! They are Nubia who are sub-brands of ZTE who have released Nubia Red Magic . Now, Nubia is preparing a second generation Red Magic.


Through a teaser poster that has been widely circulated on the internet, Nubia Red Magic 2 will come with a Snapdragon 845 chipset. Of course the most surprising is the RAM support that will be immersed into this smartphone. Nubia will immerse 10 GB of RAM .

With hardware support like that, it would be appropriate if Red Magic 2 would be the equivalent of Black Shark Helo who had already slid first. Another improvement is the use of air conditioning and liquid in smartphones to keep the temperature stable when used to play games.

With 3D surround sound support, this suggests that Red Magic 2 will come with stereo speakers. Also mentioned, on this smartphone there will also be an increase in 4D games. Unfortunately, this is still difficult for us to understand.

So, when will the second generation Nubia gaming smartphone launch? Again and again, Nubia still kept it a secret and the poster teaser did not mention that. But not a few who hope, this smartphone can slide at the end of this October 

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