5G OnePlus Smartphone Use a New Name and Design

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In June 2018, CEO of OnePlus , Pete Lau, told PC Mag that OnePlus had spoken with one of the telecommunications operators in the United States. Yes! In the discussion, the focus was more on OnePlus’s plan to release a smartphone with 5G capability.

However, the latest news coming from OnePlus says that the first smartphone to support 5G will come as the newest product line. In other words, a smartphone with 5G capability is not OnePlus 7 .

Speaking with CNET Spain, OnePlus began to dare to reveal all this new information, especially about the first 5G device. So because it is not OnePlus 7, it is expected that OnePlus will introduce its 5G smartphone at the beginning of next year.

Given the 5G capable smartphone has new technology, it makes sense for OnePlus to later market the device higher than the OnePlus 7. In addition, OnePlus is also expected to provide a new name and new design for the 5G smartphone.

If it is true that the smartphone will be present at the beginning of the year, when is the right time for OnePlus to introduce the device? It could be that OnePlus will give a surprise at the 2019 Mobile World Congress (MWC) event which will be held in Barcelona on February 25-28, 2019.

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