Galaxy S10 Version 5G Have 12 GB RAM and 1 TB Storage?

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Samsung at the beginning of next year will certainly release the Galaxy S10 Series . It is said that there will be three models introduced by Samsung, where one model is sold at affordable prices and two other models will be included in the premium class.

Another attraction, Samsung will also package the Galaxy S10 Series with the latest Exynos chipset. Yes! Of course the Galaxy S10 Seris supported by Exynos will be sold outside the US and Chinese markets. While in both countries, the chipset that will be adopted is Snapdragon 8150 .

The latest leak, the highest variant of the Galaxy S10 will be the first smartphone supported by 12 GB of RAM. Not only there, another surprise said that this smartphone will have a storage capacity of 1 TB. Interesting right?

It is estimated, specifications with 12 GB RAM plus 1 TB capacity storage will belong to the Galaxy S10 variant that has 5G connectivity support. In addition, other estimates, this smartphone will have a 6.7-inch screen.

Previous reports have also revealed that the Galaxy S10 5G is likely to come with four cameras on the back. While on the front, it’s likely that Samsung will put a 3D sensing camera along with a selfie camera.

Placed into the premium class, previous leaks also mention that the Galaxy S10 for this model will come with a ceramic rear body. Therefore, maybe there will only be two color choices, namely Black and White.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is rumored to be the most basic smartphone among the other Galaxy S10 series. While the Galaxy S10 Plus model is expected to come with this 6.44-sized screen and will be equipped with three rear camera support.

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