Hilarious! Buy an iPhone Xs with a coin in the bath

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The three latest iPhone models that have been introduced by Apple this year are not just a smartphone that is so popular. In many developing countries, the smartphone can also be a status symbol to show the wealth or prestige of its users.

Simply put, the three latest iPhone models are devices that many people covet to have them. Not only that, Apple was able to package the iPhone Xs, Xs Max and Xr with a design that was pleasing to the eye.

So what happens when you don’t have enough money, but want to have the latest iPhone Xs for example? No need to be disappointed, there is a quite interesting joke that is shown by a group of young people in Russia who are attracted to buying the iPhone Xs.

Yes! A group of young Rusi children were not shy to come to the Apple Store which was there with a bathtub full of coins. Of course, this is quite surprising to store employees who seem unhappy with the presence of these young people.

As illustrated by the photo posted by Ludmila Semushina as the Head of the Apple Store in Russia a group of young people carry a bathtub in which is filled with coins. They do intend to buy one of the latest iPhone Xs units.

It is estimated that there are around 100,000 Russian Rubles in the bathtub which is worth more than US $ 1,400 . Yes! The amount of money is certainly equivalent to the price of the iPhone Xs which has an internal storage capacity of 256 GB.

Interestingly, Ludmila Semushina cannot refuse the wishes of a group of young people who want to buy an iPhone Xs. In the end, it was the Apple Store employee who had to be willing to count one by one the amount of coins in the bathtub.

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