Huawei Invites the Community of Night Mode on Nova 3i

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Huawei Device Indonesia has recently successfully held a photography workshop that took place at Skyloft All Seasons Thamrin. Having a theme titled Nova Academy, this photography workshop is intended for users and fans of Huawei smartphones.

In this photography workshop Huawei also collaborated with the “Morning Class” photography community led by Anton Ismael. And this time, the participants present were guided and taught how to photograph the urban landscape with a smartphone.

Nova Academy is an event for Huawei smartphone users and fans who want to channel ideas and develop skills in the field of mobile photography. This is the second time the Nova Academy has been held and after this there are still two more classes related to portrait and food photography.

“Nova Academy is not just an event for photography workshops for Nova Series users only. More than that, Nova Academy itself is a way for Huawei to facilitate Hauwei smartphone users to be able to maximize the capabilities of their gadgets, whatever the series, “said Advent Jose, Huawei Indonesia Consumer BG Product Marketing Manager.

To take pictures of urban lasekap, this time Nova Academy presented Kelik Broto, a photographer who was popular and grew up in the arts community in Yogyakarta. Kelik studied photography self-taught and had years of experience as a photo editor in a traveling magazine in Jakarta.

“In visual arts, cityscape or can be referred to as urban lanscape, is an artistic representation that describes the physical aspects of a city or urban area. This representation can be realized through art and photography, “explained Kelik.

With regard to photography, Huawei also builds several of its products based on strong R & D and is capable of producing reliable mobile photography features. One of the products made is Huawei Nova 3i, which has now added a new feature, namely Night Shooting Mode.

“We also present features that previously existed only on Huawei premium smartphones such as the P20 Pro in Nova 3i. Users must first update their device towards the firmware version INE-LX2, “concluded Jose.

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