Huawei Wants to Show 5G Foldable Smartphone at MWC 2019

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The telecommunications industry is preparing to enter the 5G era. Seeing that, a number of smartphone manufacturers are competing to prepare their devices with super-fast internet capabilities. Like Xiaomi, they have announced that they will package Mi MIX 3 with 5G capabilities.

Meanwhile, OPPO has also successfully tested 5G connectivity through a modified R15 smartphone. Well! Related to that, Huawei did not want to miss. Mentioned, Huawei will introduce its first 5G smartphone at the MWC 2019 event.

Yes! Huawei’s desire was confirmed by President of Huawei for the West European region, Vincent Pang in the Huawei Innovation Day event during an interview with Communications Today. It was hinted by Pang that this could be the first 5G folding smartphone made by Huawei.

Interestingly, this affirmation emerged after Samsung demonstrated its folded smartphone at the annual developer conference held some time ago. Yes! This folding smartphone made by Samsung is also reported to be released early next year.

Unlike Samsung, Huawei is expected to market its first 5G folding smartphone in the third quarter of 2019. Then, what will Huawei’s device be like? Although it can’t be revealed more deeply, it’s likely that Huawei will focus on camera and battery support.

As we all know, Huawei was so successful in releasing the two flagships it developed, the P20 Pro and Mate 20 Pro . Both of these smartphones come with the support of three cameras which the users get positive scores.

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