OPPO Announces ColorOS 6.0, Supported by AI and New Fonts

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Celebrating the fifth anniversary of ColorOS , OPPO announces the next launch of its launcher, ColorOS 6.0 . In addition, OPPO also confirmed that to date ColorOS has been installed in more than 250 million devices in more than 140 countries.

OPPO says that ColorOS 6.0 is built on a brighter color scheme. Further explained, there is a mixture of white background colors with more luminous color gradations. White is chosen to create a more spacious atmosphere.

OPPO also emphasizes that ColorOS 6.0 is also designed not only for new smartphones, but later it also works on older OPPO devices. But speaking of devices, OPPO does not mention any smartphone that will support ColorOS 6.0 at all.

No less interesting, ColorOS 6.0 also has a new, more universal form of letters, namely OPPO Sans. Yes! Mentioned, this new font has been developed by OPPO in collaboration with a well-known letter development company in China, China Hanyi .

ColorOS 6.0 will also come with a built-in learning machine that is said to freeze applications in the background. Based on AI technology, later there will be an analysis process that will study the activity habits of an

So when will ColorOS 6.0 be launched? OPPO said that the new launcher will be released next year. Of course it’s interesting to know what changes will be made by OPPO and what OPPO smartphones are the first to taste the new launcher.

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