OPPO Deputy, Xiaomi Ranked 4th in the Global Market

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Xiaomi is happy again when they inaugurated the sale of the Redmi Note 6 Pro on the Indian market. How not happy! The Chinese smartphone manufacturer has shared figures from the IDC quarterly report for the third quarter of this year.

Yes! Now Xiaomi based on the calculation of IDC becomes the 4th largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. Still according to IDC, Xiaomi was able to ship a total of 34.3 million smartphones in Q3 2018. The figure is 6 million more units than those shipped in the same quarter of 2017.

In addition, Xiaomi also managed to increase its market share to 9.7 percent compared to 7.5 percent for the same period the previous year. Xiaomi also boasted that they had reached the global target set for this year.

So far, Xiaomi has shipped 100 million smartphones and that number will continue to increase when the report for the last quarter of this year is released. If Xiaomi ranks 4th, Samsung is still the king. Yes! Samsung is still in the top position with a market share of 20.3 percent.

Even so, the South Korean electronics giant has experienced a decline in shipping of up to 10 million units compared to the shipments they made in the same quarter of 2017. Of course, this is a special concern for Samsung.

In the second rank, Huawei has successfully shipped 52 million smartphones in the third quarter. This is a big increase when you compare it with 39.1 million smartphone units shipped in the third quarter of 2017.

Furthermore, Apple is the third smartphone manufacturer in the world with a market share of 13.2 percent and shipping equipment as much as 46.9 million units in the third quarter of 2018. OPPO closes the top five list with shipment of 29.9 million units and 8.4 percent market share .

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