The First Moto Z4 Smartphone Using Snapdragon 8150?

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This year, Motorola does not produce superior smartphones at all that have Snapdragon 845 installed . Unfortunately there is no valid confirmation coming out of Motorola’s mouth why they are so reluctant to create a smartphone with Qualcomm’s flagship chipset.

It looks like the new strategy will be run by smartphone manufacturers that are under the Lenovo flag starting next year. The rumor is that in 2019, Motorola will create the Moto Z4 that comes with the latest flagship chipset owned by Qualcomm.

As we know Motorola created the Moto Z3 this year, but it comes with a Qualcomm superior chipset which was introduced in 2017, Snapdragon 835. Therefore, the presence of the Moto Z3 was welcomed not so enthusiastically by gadget lovers in many countries.

Well! Next year, Motorola is reportedly going to produce the Moto Z4 which will be loaded with Snapdragon 8150 . Qualcomm itself is expected to introduce the newest flagship chipset next month.

So it is quite reasonable if Motorola in 2019 will produce Moto Z4 which has the Odin codename with the Snapdragon 8150 chipset. This means, the Moto Z4 will stand in line with other premium smartphones which are likely to also come with the same chipset.

Not only released Moto Z4 with Snapdragon 8150 chipset in 2019, Motorola is reportedly also going to release Moto Mods 5G. Again and again, there has been no official statement from Motorola whether Moto 5G Mods will later be compatible with Moto Z3 or indeed will be a complement to Moto Z4.

Moto Z4 itself is rumored to be running with the Android 9 Pie operating system. In addition, this smartphone is mentioned also will come with 4 GB of RAM and an internal storage capacity of 32 GB. Most likely, this smartphone will also come with a fingerprint on the screen.

Yes! Odin is still in the initial development stage so it is interesting for us to wait for further leaks from the smartphone. Unfortunately, in the Indonesian market, Motorola in 2018 did not introduce its newest product. So, we just wait!

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