United States Invites Allies to Boycott Huawei Devices

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Relations between the United States and Huawei are not very good. President Donald Trump has several times called on his people not to use Huawei smartphones. Not because of the quality, but about the security factor.

Well, recently the United States government again issued a similar statement, even more daring. The United States government invited its allies to participate in boycotting Huawei.

Not only Huawei smartphones, but all devices created by the Chinese company. Reporting from the Wall Street Journal, in an official meeting recently held, the United States invited Germany, Japan and Italy not to use Huawei devices.

So, why is the United States boycotting Huawei-made devices? It’s definitely a matter of security. As a technology company that is so big, Huawei is believed to have the ability to spy on the United States.

If people are important in the United States, in this case including military forces using Huawei-made devices, it is feared they can steal the data stored in it. Besides that, it can also track its position easily.

Even the FBI, the CIA, and the NSA have also warned. Not only do you not use Huawei-made devices, but also do not use the services they make. Huawei itself already knew this and expressed surprise at the boycott.

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