Apple Works on Own Modem for its Future iPhone

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Qualcomm- made modem exclusively used by Apple for its iPhone. However, Apple finally switched to using 50% modems made by Intel and 50% modems made by Qualcomm. And this year Apple exclusively believes in using Intelmodems .

Yes! This means that Apple really ejected Qualcomm and at the same time they were involved in a litigation war. In the future, Apple seems to want to make its own modem for the iPhone. This is just like they do for the CPU and GPU embedded in the iPhone.

Is Apple seriously working on a modem for the iPhone independently? It seems so! This intention was revealed through posting work being done in the San Diego, California area. What’s more, this information came out from someone who was given responsibility for the Apple plan.

Mentioned, the technology giant from Cupertino does indeed have an active project that is running. Allegedly strong, the project is closely related to the development of an independent cellular modem chipset which will later be embedded in the iPhone.

However, this is still the initial stage. Because it takes a short time for Apple in the process of developing the desired modem chipset. It is estimated, this could take up to three years for the modem to be completely embedded into the iPhone.

That is, maybe around the year 2021 at the latest it has become the right time frame for Apple to consider that the iPhone with its own homemade modem has appeared on the market. What do you think?

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