ASUS: We will not retire the Zenfone Line

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Shocking news came from ASUS. ASUS CEO Jerry Shen, who has led this Taiwanese company for 11 years, officially resigned. In line with that, ASUS also announced that it would change its smartphone strategy with a focus on smartphone gaming.

After the decision was taken, rumors circulating outside mentioned that ASUS will turn off the Zenfone line which has been developed for quite a long time. However, ASUS quickly reacted and clarified the problem.

In a statement recently released by Gadgets 360, ASUS said it would continue to release smartphones under the Zenfone line. At the same time, ASUS will also expand the gaming market by developing better smartphones for gamers and battery watchers.

Not to stop there, ASUS is also reportedly going to increase investment in the field of artificial intelligence, aka artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) and other commercial areas. This is intentionally carried out as an effort to diversify the portfolio which currently focuses on consumer devices.

Whereas in terms of captain, ASUS will currently be led by two CEOs, namely Sy Shu who currently leads PC divis and Samsun Hu who heads the global customer service department. Both will function as co-CEOs.

In the Indonesian market itself, ASUS has recently demonstrated its commitment to continue to compete in the smartphone market. Terabru devices that are presented are the ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M2 and Zenfone Max M2. Both are present to tempt middle-class smartphone lovers.

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