How much is the Samsung Galaxy S10 + Rear Camera?

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The famous Leaker @OnLeaks is almost always right for his predictions to provide leaks from a smartphone that will be released. The latest leak made by @OnLeaks is the amount of camera support available on the three models of the Samsung Galaxy S10.

However, different leaks were delivered by the Ice Universe, aka @UniverseIce, which claims that the Galaxy S10 + will “still” have three rear cameras. Yes! The leak is the same as the standard Galaxy S10 that is mentioned also has three rear cameras.

While the bottom model, the Galaxy S10 Lite is expected to have a dual camera setting on the back. Yes! This is completely different from the information leaked by @OnLeaks via his Twitter.

Meanwhile, both the Galaxy S10 and S10 Lite said by the Ice Universe will have a single front camera that functions as a selfie-camera. While the Galaxy S10 + is expected to appear with dual front camera support. For this, @OnLeaks agrees with @UniverseIce.

Of course the leaks presented by these two famous leakers are very interesting. As we know, Samsung released the Galaxy S9 + this year with the support of two rear cameras. As for the non-Plus models, there is only a single lens on the back.

This means that if the Galaxy S10 + really comes with four rear cameras, of course there is a significant increase offered by Samsung. Even so, we must not rule out the leaks revealed by the Ice Universe.

Yes! If the Galaxy 10+ also comes with three rear cameras, we also believe that the South Korean electronics manufacturer has been trying to improve performance in the photography sector that is loaded into this smartphone.

Or it could be the Galaxy S10 + really has four rear cameras, but it is a Galaxy S10 + special edition that will be made by Samsung. In addition, this smartphone might also come with 5G connectivity that is being echoed. What do you think?

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