This is the DxOMark Assessment of OnePlus 6T Camera Performance

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DxOMark has officially released the camera performance performance owned by OnePlus 6T . The smartphone made by OnePlus may have the same camera configuration as OnePlus 6 , but DxOMark says that “software tweaks” have resulted in improvements to its predecessor.

OnePlus 6T comes with a dual rear camera that has a 16 MP configuration with an aperture of f / 1.7 + 20 MP which also has the same aperture, which is f / 1.7. The main sensors are equipped with OIS, but don’t expect any stabilization features in the secondary sensors to be pinned.

Then, how does DxOMark assess OnePlus 6T. A little praise, DxOMark wrote in testing that the OnePlus 6T has a wide dynamic range and the colors look more natural in almost all conditions. Unfortunately, this device cannot work optimally in zoom shots.

In terms of video, DxOMark added that the OnePlus 6T is better than its predecessor. Therefore, the score can reach 91 points. Whereas in the previous model, namely OnePlus 6, DxOMark only gave 87 points.

Overall, the score for the video achieved by OnePlus 6T should be higher. Unfortunately, this smartphone is not capable of handling noise properly. Not even as good as the OnePlus 6. This is what will become the homework for OnePlus in the future.

For business purposes, the score is 101 points. Yes! One of the capabilities shown by OnePlus 6T can capture details well in bright and dark environments. In addition, background shooting is at the same level as the iPhone Xs and is better than the Galaxy Note 9.

Unfortunately, the OnePlus 6T score is much lower when compared to the two premium smartphones during zoom shooting. The lack of a telephoto lens greatly affects the level of detail of the image produced.

Overall, DxOMark gives 98 points to OnePlus 6T. The strongest area possessed by this smartphone is auto focus, lighting, flash and color. Whereas zoom and bokeh are the weakest areas of this smartphone.

For the video, DxOMark added that stabilization is its main strength, but does not function properly when it comes to texture. For those of you who want to know more about DxOMark testing on OnePlus 6T, you can directly access this link 

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