10 She-Hulk Teams We Can’t Wait To See In The MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is getting a new hero in Jennifer Walters directed by Tatiana Maslany in the future She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Disney+ series, set to launch on August 17. Like all other heroes in the MCU, She-Hulk is designed for a long and prosperous future in the vast superhero franchise.

With so many superheroes active in the MCU, viewers are eager to see She-Hulk inevitably embark on several action teams during the franchise’s near future. As such, there are several specific potential Avenger teams that fans are especially eager to see.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel in the MCU.

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Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers, better known as Captain Marvel, is preparing to take a leading position among the Avengers in the near future for the MCU. She leads her very own new team, which will include Ms. Marvel and Foton, next year marvelsFans are excited to see where Captain Marvel goes next in Phase 4 of the MCU.

Given that She-Hulk and Captain Marvel have a friendly relationship at Marvel Comics, fans are already enamored with the prospect of seeing the two interact on screen for the first time. As two of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel universe, their paths seemed destined for what is sure to be one of the most impressive action teams in the entire series.

The Magnificent Four

Reed Richard (John Krasinski) and the comic book Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four is getting closer to joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With John Krasinki debuting as Red Richards in Earth-838 Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madnessFans are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the other members of the Fantastic Four’s MCU, with their feature film currently in the works as well.

The She-Hulk has a long history with the Fantastic Four at Marvel Comics and has served as one of its members for a period of time. As such, watching Maslany’s version of the character unite with Marvel’s First Family would be a suitably satisfying event for Marvel fans everywhere, perhaps even foreshadowing her future as a member of the Fantastic Four in the distant future.

Betty Ross

She-Hulk Betty Ross jumps into battle.

Betty Ross, portrayed by Liv Tyler in Incredible HulkHe has been absent from the MCU for over a decade, but he’s still one of the many characters that fans hope to return to Strong woman. As one of the few MCU characters who has yet to become its powerful counterpart, Red She-Hulk, Betty could have a very exciting future ahead of her if she truly returns to the franchise.

If Betty does indeed become a Red She-Hulk, it would be a complete disservice to both fans and the character herself to keep her separate from the original She-Hulk. The two certainly have a tenuous relationship at best in the comics, and while they will undoubtedly run into each other, they will eventually make up a team of fearsome superheroes.

captain America

The Hawk and the Winter Soldier It saw Sam Wilson finally adopt his new role as Captain America, as he completely accepted the shield that once belonged to his mentor, Steve Rogers. Now as one of the most influential members of the Avengers, Sam is sure to take a more active role on the team, including recruiting his new heroes.

As the MCU seeks to make a new roster of Avengers, characters like Sam Wilson and She-Hulk appear at the top of fans’ wish list regarding Earth’s greatest heroes. Both of these characters have already garnered a significant fan base, which makes pairing up as new team leaders a very real possibility in the immediate future of the franchise.

Spider Man

Spider-Man No Way Home Tom Holland Finale

After the leading events in Spider-Man: No way homeFans are eagerly awaiting the next appearance of Tom Holland’s Peter Parker, who has recently been erased from the memories of all people on Earth. While Peter Parker disappears, Spider-Man lives on, leaving his future in the series full of exciting possibilities.

Spider-Man is one of the avengers that fans want to see interact with all the other heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His laid-back dialogue and sheer enthusiasm make him utterly cheerful when he takes on any new superhero, including She-Hulk, whose humor and penchant for breaking the fourth wall mesh well with the MCU version of Spider-Man.


The wasp looks serious in Ant-Man and the Wasp

After finally joining the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Avengers: game overHope van Dyne, aka the superpower wasp, prepares for an exciting future in the MCU. Although she has yet to interact with most of her fellow Avengers, fans are sure that she will eventually form lasting bonds with various members of the group, including a certain superhero lawyer.

While the She-Hulk had a friendly relationship with Janet Van Dyne’s version of the Wasp in Marvel Comics, such friendship would translate well to Janet’s daughter in the MCU. As two of the newest heroes of the franchise and some of the most iconic characters from the comics, these two heroes seem destined to maintain a good relationship throughout the future of the Avengers.


Thor love and thunder picture

Thor recently returned to the big screen in the Taika Waititi movie that he directed Thor: Love and Thunder, who saw the God of Thunder collide with one of his greatest enemies to date in the butcher Christian Bel Gore the God. While the movie could have served as a perfect ending for Thor, the credits promise his comeback, showing that his work is far from over in the MCU.

Thor definitely needs more amusement with the Earth-bound Avengers, whom he barely recognizes. While Thor often keeps to himself, he has a close relationship with Bruce Banner, Jennifer Walters’ cousin. Given his history with the Hulk, Thor may also find a good friend in his female counterpart.


Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock in Daredevil 3

After starring in his own Netflix series for three seasons, Charlie Cox was believed to have finished portraying the blind superhero Daredevil. However, after his sudden return No going back homeMatt Murdock has been confirmed to return in several upcoming projects, including a revival reckless on Disney+.

There are plenty of Marvel characters that Marvel fans will want to see teaming up with Daredevil, though perhaps none more so than She-Hulk herself. Because of their joint career, Matt Murdock and Jennifer Walters have starred in several comic book bands, leading many fans to fervently hope that Charlie Cox will actually appear at some point in the series. Strong womanIts ten episodes were shown on Disney +.

dead list

Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 2

Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool has been confirmed as the only mutant from Fox to return for the X-Men reboot from the MCU. As the fourth champion, wall-breaking, prepares to play the title role Deadpool 3which will be set in the MCU, fans continue to remain in the dark regarding just how and why Wade Wilson will find himself in this new universe.

Although She-Hulk and Daredevil may not seem to have much in common as characters or as superheroes, they do share an essential characteristic in that they are known to break the fourth wall, speaking directly to the viewer. Thus, seeing this pair of super comedians engage in conversation is near the top of many MCU fans’ wish lists.

the structure

A subtle She Hulk logo hints at a massive MCU makeover for Bruce Banner Hulk

The Hulk Mark Ruffalo has been a major face of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since the actor replaced Edward Norton in Avengers in 2012. As one of the last Avengers founders, Hulk is expected to play a major role in recruiting new heroes for the initiative, including his cousin, Jennifer Walters.

There is no Avenger with whom the She-Hulk is more closely related than the Hulk himself. These cousins ​​are closely related to one another, as humans and as hulks, making their relationship a vital part of every moving forward character. With Hulk already confirmed to be a major part of Strong woman In the series, fans are already excited to see the two green giants collaborate in live action for the first time.

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