5 Premium Advanced Chipset It Used At Flagship Smartphone

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( System-on-a-Chip ), which is also referred to as the processor and the chipset is the heart of smartphones, tablets, smartwatch , and other digital equipment that we use every day. This capability is growing rapidly in telecommunications technology have resulted in smartphones-smartphone which has a data processing capabilities is almost equivalent computing devices.

Well, for that, this time Jake would love to know you’re on the chipset will be the best that heart flagship smartphone in 2017 and 2018. Want to know more? Consider the following Jaka review this yes.

1. Qualcomm Snapdragon 845

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Snapdragon processor high-end made by Qualcomm for future generations will strengthen the majority of the top smartphones in the market of Europe and America next year. Snapdragon CPU 845 will be 30% more powerful in processing single-core , and 70% faster on multi-core compared to previous processors. New CPU that is powerful is to be paired with a graphics unit Adreno 630 with a 30% performance improvement.

2. Apple A11

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A11, 10nm processors that will move the iPhone to come along this year and next year are already mass produced in fabrication facilities TSMC Taiwan . The transition to 10nm production process could result in the increase rate of 20% and 40% more power efficient than its predecessor.

Possible Apple will continue the design of the Fusion A10 , combining performance and power-efficient CPU cores together with units of PowerVR graphics . There is no doubt that the A11 will become a very powerful chipset, but still saving power .

3. Samsung Exynos 9 (2018)

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There’s no doubt that Samsung will launch the processor Exynos latest in conjunction with Galaxy S9 next year. This chipset will benefit from the latest CPU core design Cortex-A75 and A55 from ARM . A75 alone can push the performance up to 50% better in the use of multi-threaded , 16% increase in throughput of memory, and a 30% performance improvement on a large screen devices compared with the older specification.

Likewise, the A55 core is 15% more power efficient and have double the memory throughput of the previous generation. Such as Qualcomm, Samsung also uses a custom core , based on the original design of the ARM. Thus, the benefits of this performance will surely continue to Exynos chipset 9 next.

For graphics unit, Samsung uses the unit ARM -ready in Mali. Mali-G72 latest generation have a performance improvement of 20% and 25% increase in power efficiency over the Mali-G71 .

4. Huawei HiSilicon Kirin 970

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10nm Kirin 970 is scheduled for release late 2017, and will be ready in time for the 2018 launch of the chipset will be fast enough and sophisticated with modem QAM 5×20 MHz 256 , which has a speed of 1.2 Gbps.

We also know that Kirin 970 supports storage memory 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac WiFi, UFS 2.1 and MMC, and RAM modules LPDDR4 4 x 16-bit. This SoC is also rumored to be using graphics architecture Heimdallr ARM ‘s new.

5. MediaTek Helio X40

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MediaTek controlled most of the smartphones sold in China, India, and Asia more. The price is very affordable, and provide adequate performance (though not as Qualcomm), and remains in line with the development of modern technologies such as dual camera and signal processing better .

Reportedly, companies from Taiwan will begin producing the CPU 10-inch 12-core in TSMC local powerhouse in the third quarter to launch Q1 2018 . Tentatively will be called Helio X40 , and will be launched after

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