5 Smartphone Dual-camera for Selfies Mania

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Selfie trend has spread to all corners of the world, especially among young people. Just like a diary, they immortalize every moment with a photo and share it on social media. See selfie trend continues to increase, some smartphone vendors to take this opportunity to attract more consumers.

Yes, they present a special smartphone for selfie lovers. Not stopping at that, to show seriousness in presenting selfie smartphones, they also embed various technologies at its selfie camera. One of the most attention is the dual-camera in the future to enhance the resulting selfie photo. Then any smartphone that comes with a dual-camera selfie? Here ulasanya.

OPPO F3 series


Venturing into this list there OPPO F3 Series. As we know, this smartphone comes with two series, OPPO OPPO F3 and F3 Plus. Speaking of cameras, both use the type and exact same camera resolution, the dual-front camera of 16 MP and 8 MP.

16 MP lens with a normal viewpoint were capable of capturing objects measuring 78 degrees. While the 8 MP lens has a wide-angle as wide as 120 degrees making it suitable for a rollicking photo wefie alias. Both of these smartphones are loved by young people today, especially among women. This is also supported by Raisa and Isyana as ambassador. It must be recognized the charm of these two women is difficult to resist.

Vivo V5 Plus

v5 plus

There is certainly no Vivo OPPO. We know both of them are competing to be the king smartpone selfie in Indonesia. Not to be outdone on the OPPO F3 Plus, Vivo Vivo released V5 Plus with dual-camera selfie. A 20 MP resolution camera to pick up an object and the sharpness of resolution 8 MP camera to detect the depth of the image.

Duet front camera is capable of producing images or background blur bokeh dramatically. To market its products, Vivo also invited some famous artists like Pevita Pearce, Afgan, Agnes Monica, and many more. In fact, Vivo has officially become the official sponsor of the World Cup in 2018 and 2022.

Infinix S2 Pro

s2 pro 1

As a newcomer, it might name not sebeken two previous name. But that’s no reason to look weak this smartphone. Because the Infinix duo S2 Pro comes with a front camera, the resolution of 13 MP camera with a normal angle and a resolution 8 MP lens with wide angle of 135 degrees. The front camera is also equipped with LED flash for capturing images in low-light areas.

Speaking of shots, the camera is still able to compete with shots OPPO F3. In fact, after comparing the two, we conclude front camera Infinix S2 Pro has an average of color accuracy better than OPPO F3 cameras. In addition, the wide angle on Infinix S2 Pro also more broadly so as to cover a wider area.

Lenovo VIBE S1


This smartphone has been present since 2015 ago. That means, before OPPO and Vivo release a dual-camera selfie, Lenovo has presented this technological advance, even with rudimentary skills. Yes, Lenovo Vibe S1 has dual front camera with a resolution of 8 MP and 2 MP.

This dual-camera configuration mempu analyze the depth of the image like the human vision capability so as to make the images look sharper and vibrant. However, if it is pitted against three previous selfie camera, our sense of quality shots from Lenovo VIBE S1 is already quite behind.

LG V10

lg v10

Before presenting features a dual-focus rear camera on his smartphone, apparently LG first to bring dual-camera selfie on the LG V10 and making it one of the first vendor to successfully embed a dual-camera front. Smartphone born 2015 uses a dual-resolution 5 MP front camera.

LG V10 lenses range is becoming more widespread, as it has up to 120 degree angle from which to photograph selfie congregation. However, when compared to the four names above, we think the quality is there in the list below.

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