This constraint Samsung and Apple Realizing Fingerprint Behind the Screen

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Two smartphone giants Samsung and Apple are currently vying realize fingerprint sensor technology behind smartphone screen. There is a possibility of this technology will be pinned on the Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone 8.

samsung edge

But Samsung and Apple’s plan was not necessarily able to run well. Because embedding a fingerprint sensor behind the scenes is not easy. Later known one of the obstacles faced is a matter of brightness or brightness of the screen.

Based on the recognition of one fingerprint component suppliers behind the scenes (@Ice Universe), Samsung experienced a condition in which part of the screen embedded fingerprint sensor burned brighter than other areas.


They also claimed that the same problem also occurs in the Apple. Hence the California-based company also has a backup plan to put the iPhone fingerprint sensor 8 on the power button, the same as Sony’s flagship smartphone.

While the Galaxy Note 8, if the implementation of the fingerprint sensor behind the scenes fail, then placing it likely there will be a body behind like Galaxy S8. But with a more relevant position.

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