Screen Samsung Galaxy Note 8 can vibrate like the iPhone 7?

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Apple several times been a trendsetter in the world of smartphones with the iPhone product. Not only the design, but also its many features followed by competitors. Features Touch ID, for example, are widely emulated other smartphone manufacturers release a smartphone with a fingerprint sensor on the Home button.

note8 3d touch

Given the fact it is no exaggeration if it appears the assumption that the company’s other smartphones, in this case, including Samsung, will follow the use of pressure-sensitive display (3D Touch) developed by Apple on the iPhone 6s and 7.

As reported by Ubergizmo that it was possible Samsung introduces the features of the pressure-sensitive display on the Galaxy Note 8 which will be released later this month. Such a feature is present to replace the physical Home button. Yes, based on rumors Galaxy Note 8 does not have the physical Home button.


Galaxy S8 actually did not have the physical Home button, but the on-screen button that can vibrate. But different vibration effects and not as sophisticated 3D Touch. It is estimated, Galaxy Note 8 will be announced on 23 August. So, no need to wait any longer to see what is offered by the Galaxy Note 8 this.

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