This He Faces Moto X4, Candidate Champion Motorola with Snapdragon 660

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Although somewhat late summer, slowly but surely Motorola successfully released some exciting new smartphone this year. Having just presenting Play and Moto Moto Z2 Z2 Force, followed by Moto E4, next is the motto X4 will be present.

x4 02

Moto X4 believed to fill up the fight in the middle class, with positioning over E4 and probably equivalent Moto Moto Z2 Play. Which makes it feasible anticipated smartphone is the use Snapdragon 660 chipset middle class has as firm performance Snapdragon 821.


Then when this smartphone will appear? Moto is believed X4 will officially landed first in Brazil on 24 August, the day after Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note 8 on August 23 in New York. Original form was already appears as shown in the photo above.

Moto X4 itself has received a certificate from the Brazilian certification agency FCC. In addition to 660 Snapdragon chipset, X4 Moto will bring 4 GB RAM, dual-13MP main camera, and a 3,000 mAh battery which is wrapped in a sail body 5.2 inch Full HD.

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