Samsung will Create a Galaxy Smartphone Two Screens, Here’s the Sketch

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Samsung as the global smartphone market leader has always been at the forefront of design. Not only that, Samsung is also able to present a surprise so that the smartphone that he created really more innovative than his competitors.

South Korean electronics giant has also previously been a leader in the feature phone industry by presenting a device that can be folded. Even touted, Samsung Galaxy Series smartphones that appear in the next year reportedly also packed with a unique shape, which can be folded.

Will Samsung stop there? The answer is no! Samsung is also preparing smartphones that have dual screens. Yes! the main screen on the front without a frame combined with a secondary screen is smaller and placed on the back.

No kidding, Samsung was immediately rumored to immediately pursue innovation it became an official patent. For the next, not a few who expect a Samsung-made smartphone with two screens will be the Galaxy Series in the future.

So, what is the second screen function that is in the smartphone? Regarding it, there is no information that can be extracted. But most likely, the secondary screen function is no different from that in Meizu Pro 7 or LG V20. However, the secondary display of Samsung smartphone is larger in size.

From the patent design that will be filed, also looks quite unique. This smartphone does not have a front camera and there is only an earpiece and a sensor placed on top of the screen. In addition, this smartphone is also packed with ultra thin bezel on the left, right and bottom of the screen.

Of course this is still a sketch and it seems Samsung will still make many changes related to the design and features to be embedded. Especially if this smartphone does not have a front kemera, it is very impossible. So, we just wait for the next leak-leak about Samsung smartphone two screens.

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