HTC U12 + Tested Durability, Like What’s the Power?

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HTC U12 + has been officially released by HTC in May 2018 ago. HTC package this smartphone with a design that is so interesting, even one of the models have a transparent bandage. Not only that, U12 + is also equipped with dual-camera front and dual-camera rear.

Intended as a premium smartphone, HTC U12 + did not escape from the eyes of JerryRigEverything. As we know, JerryRigEverything is keen to test the durability or durability of a smartphone that is considered to fit into the premium ranks. Well! Now turn to HTC U12 + to be tested.

HTC U12 + is developed by HTC with screen protection system using Gorilla Glass 5. However, when tested scratch, the screen is easily scratched on level 6. Meanwhile, a very noticeable streak seen at level 7. Similarly, the glass that protects the front and rear pine .

Fingerprint on the back is also protected with Gorilla Glass 5 and the results are the same, which is very easily scratched. The sides of the smartphone are made of metal. Even so, all sides of this smartphone is very easily scratched by the cutting tool used.

As you know, HTC U12 + does not come with a regular physical button. All buttons embedded on the sides of the smartphone is a capacitive button. When tested its durability, all the buttons are very easily truncated. And after the cut, all the buttons are no longer functioning as before.

SIM Card slot attached to this smartphone was made of metal. Like other modules, SIM Card slot is also easily scratched. The next test is to look at the heat resistance capability of the HTC U12 + screen. Originally appeared black spots are quite striking, but eventually disappear by itself and the screen was no problem.

Last is the pressure test on the back and also on the front. Interestingly enough, this smartphone is slightly flexible. But when tested pressure from the front, the back cover was open. Of course, the question is, how is the power of IP certification owned by HTC U12 + if the back is easy to open.


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