Add a Galaxy Note 9 Power Supply with ZeroLemon Carry Battery

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Samsung has officially marketed its second premium smartphone that appeared this year, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 . Introduced in New York, USA on August 9, 2018, Samsung immediately opened pre-order offers. As a result, this smartphone was greeted positively.

Seeing this, of course a number of smartphone accessories manufacturers also want to enjoy the success felt by Samsung. Is ZeroLemon which recently offered its innovative casing for Galaxy Note 9 users.

Quite innovative, because ZeroLemon offers a casing that also includes a power supply, aka an additional battery. Yes! ZeroLemon’s casing offered for users of the Galaxy Note 9 includes a 5,000 mAh battery .

If you see the official website, this casing sells for US $ 39.99 or around Rp500 thousands . Not only marketed through its official website, ZeroLemon also opened sales through well-known e-commerce in the United States, namely Amazon.

As we know, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 itself has a fairly large battery, which is 4,000 mAh. Of course with the use of this case, users can use the Galaxy Note 9 in their hands for longer.

In addition, this ZeroLemon casing also offers several interesting things, including comprehensive protection against Galaxy Note 9 devices or those with Edge Protection. There is also an Intelligent Power Indicator, which consists of 4 LEDs and functions as a charging status indicator.

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