OPPO F9 Ensured Support for VOOC Flash Charge

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OPPO F9 Pro 2

Some time ago there was a report saying that OPPO would release its newest middle-class smartphone this year, namely OPPO F9 . Mentioned, this smartphone will also come with the name OPPO R17 .

One thing that is interesting, this smartphone will come with a unique bangs screen, which is similar to water droplets. Yes! The bangs really do have a different form than most bangs that are on a number of other smartphones, including OPPO F7.

The latest leak, apparently OPPO not only makes the OPPO F9 standard version, but also the OPPO F9 Pro . Regarding this matter, OPPO India also through its official website has shown the full form of OPPO F9 Pro, including dual-camera rear support.

Photo: FB Adhitya Wibawa Putra

Wrapped in red which has a gradation on the bottom, OPPO F9 Pro is said to be supported by a fast charging feature, namely VOOC Flash Charge . The advantage of this feature is that the battery is charged within five minutes, OPPO F9 Pro can be used to talk for two hours.

The teaser also shows that the OPPO F9 Pro screen has a “wallpaper” that describes the water spray. The question arises, will this smartphone be supported by water repellent capabilities? Unfortunately, there is no indication of that.

Recently there were also photos on the internet that showed that advertisements about OPPO F9 had appeared at one of the train stations in Jabodetabek. Not unlike the teaser shown by the OPPO India website, the ad also inserted the OPPO F9 with VOOC Flash Charge feature.

From these advertisements it can be ascertained, OPPO will bring F9 to Indonesia as the latest generation that will replace the role of OPPO F7. When will this smartphone slide? Regarding this, unfortunately OPPO is still stingy to speak.

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