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Samsung early August 2018 has released the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 . Compared to the predecessor version, you could say the presence of the Galaxy Note 9 is several days faster. Yes! It is strongly suspected that Samsung did this because it saw sales of Galaxy S9 and S9 + that were not encouraging.

Samsung’s latest Galaxy S duo itself was introduced earlier this year. No need to wait long, Samsung immediately moved to market the smartphone in many countries, including Indonesia. However, the results are not as expected by Samsung.

So even with the Galaxy Note 9. A day after it was introduced in New York, United States, Samsung immediately opened pre-order offers in a number of countries. Noted, smartphones that are equipped with smart S Pen can attract a lot of attention from gadget users.

As reported by one wireless operator in South Korea, the pre-order offer of the Galaxy Note 9 is higher than the Galaxy S9, although it is still far behind compared to the Galaxy Note 8 offered last year.

It was said, the Galaxy Note 9 pre-orders were 30% to 50% higher than Galaxy S9 pre-orders. Of course this is a good start for the South Korean electronics giant after they failed a little to market Galaxy S9 and S9 +.

Samsung itself has just opened a Galaxy Note 9 pre-order offer in South Korea on August 20, 2018 yesterday. It is planned that this smartphone will only be sent to consumers on August 24, 2018.

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