Prime Sales of Pocophone F1 Up to Rp400 Billion

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India is the country where Pocophone was born , the newest sub-brand smartphone made by Xiaomi. No need to wait long, Pocophone immediately spawned its first product that we know as Pocophone F1 . And India is the first country that was asked to sell the smartphone.

In India, Pocophone markets Pocophone F1 by collaborating with and Flipkart. The results were very surprising, because Pocophone F1 was selling well like hotcakes. For this reason, Pocophone also wrote the words “Thank You” via its Twitter account after the sale of the flash sale ended.

Mentioned, Pocophone in India managed to raise as much as US $ 28 million or more than Rp400 billion to market the Pocophone F1 within 5 minutes. Of course, this will be the biggest and fastest flagship sale in Flipkart.

Unfortunately, Pocophone shut up when it was mentioned about the number of units sold. Even so, this is a surprise again and again shown by Pocophone. Previously Pocophone dared to show off because it was able to create Pocophone F1 with topnotch hardware and sold very cheaply.

In Indonesia alone Pocophone also introduced Pocophone F1 on August 27, 2018. The inaugural sale that took Lazada will be held on August 30, 2018 . It can be ascertained, this smartphone will also be sold out. Let’s wait!

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