Qualcomm Introduces Snapdragon 670, It’s the Advantage

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Qualcomm Introduces Snapdragon 670, It’s the Advantage

Qualcomm again kicked off the global chipset market by presenting Snapdragon 670. One interesting thing is this is the first chipset from the Snapdragon 600 Series family that has been equipped with AI Engine.



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After presenting the latest mobile chipset aimed at middle-class smartphones, Qualcomm again made a surprise. This time, the mobile chipset manufacturer from the United States released Snapdragon 670 which is a new family of Snapdragon 600 Series.

That said, the presence of Snapdargon 670 is also the successor of Snapdragon 660 . It’s just that this latest chipset has some similarities with Snapdragon 710 than its predecessor. Yes! The Snapdragon 670 also features an Octa-core CPU related to performance and power efficiency.

The combination, 2x Kryo 360 + 6x Kryo 360 . Two Kryo 360 cores use the Cortex-A75, while the other six cores use the Cortex-A55 architecture design. Unlike Snapdragon 710, two Snapdragon 670 cores run at 2.0 GHz, while six other cores run at 1.7 GHz.


Qualcomm itself claims that Snapdragon 670 offers 25% better performance than Snapdragon 660. The main advantage of this latest chipset compared to its predecessor is the 10nm LPP production process . This has an impact on the acquisition of significant power efficiency.

In addition, Qualcomm also announced a new GPU integrated with Snapdragon 670, namely Adreno 615. While the ISP used is the Spectra 250 which offers a single 25 MP or 16 MP camera settings for dual cameras.

Therefore, do not expect you to find features that are usually pinned by Qualcomm on the high-class chipset developed. For example, HDR video recording is not available and so is support for QHD + screens.

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Another difference between Snapdragon 670 and Snapdragon 710 is embedded modem support. Qualcomm still loads the Snapdragon X12 LTE modem as we often see in Snapdragon 660.

Finally, Snapdragon 670 has been equipped with a new AI Engine so it can present better AI features. As we all know, some chipsets that enter the Snapdragon 600 series line have never received AI Engine support.

Currently Snapdragon 670 is available and Qualcomm is giving fully to smartphone manufacturers to adopt it. Of course, we as consumers will wait, who will first insert the chipset into their smartphone.

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