Rename, Snapdragon 855 will launch as SM8150

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Snapdragon 855


Rename, Snapdragon 855 will launch as SM8150

Qualcomm is expected to produce its latest top-class chipset by the end of 2018 or early 2019. The latest news, this chipset will be renamed to SM8150



 Eko Lannue Ardy   

Snapdragon 855

The news about Qualcomm being busy working on high-end chipsets as the successor to Snapdragon 845 is not fiction.Yes! Previous reports about Snapdragon 855 stated that this chipset would be worked on by TSMC with 7 nm (FinFET)process technology .

In line with this information, said production will begin in late 2018 or early 2019. Now, a recent report reveals that Qualcomm is expected to change the naming scheme of Snapdragon 855.

Coming under the code name “Hana” , this chipset is internally called SDM855 and will be launched as SM8150 . The reason for this name change seems to be aimed at making it easier to differentiate SoC for smartphones and SoC used for laptops.

Qualcomm also said that they have changed the naming scheme of ARM-based laptop processors. Previously, the processor was developed as SDM1000 with the code “Poipu” and has now been changed to SCX8180 .

The names of the SM7150 and SM7250 have also appeared. It is estimated, the chipset is the new name of Snapdragon 670 and Snapdragon 710 which is produced through 10 nm process technology as a middle-class chipset made by Qualcomm.

Mentioned, the SM8150 is also expected to come with special AI technology like the one in Kirin 970 made by Huawei. As we all know, Huawei’s SoC is able to make a surprise by bringing special AI technology they call the Neural Processing Unit (NPU) .

Huawei itself is currently preparing to introduce Kirin 980 . It is estimated, this SoC will be introduced at the IFA 2018event in Berlin which will take place later this month. It can be ascertained, Kirin 980 will also immerse special AI technology that has been optimized.

Middle and high-end SoCs made by Qualcomm are now equipped with AI features, but do not use special computing units to carry out several tasks. Therefore, not a few who hope, Qualcomm can make many changes to this new SoC.

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