Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Tested for Durability, Here’s the Result

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S Pen

For those who like gadgets may already know Zack Nelson . Yes! He is the YouTuber who owns a JerryRigEverythingaccount  . This time, Zack is very confident to test the durability of the latest smartphone released by Samsung, the Galaxy Note 9 .

As usual, this durability testing is done starting from scratching and burning the screen, to bending the device. Like most premium smartphones tested by Zack, the Galaxy Note 9 screen is easily scratched on the seventh level scratches.

Not only on the screen, scratches are also done on the entire body and several existing modules, such as camera modules and fingerprint scanners. Unfortunately, the body and several modules on this smartphone are very easy to scratch.

No less surprising, the Bixby button attached to the Galaxy Note 9 seems to be very easy to gouge. When re-installed, this voice assistant feature can still be active. But of course this is a big question mark.

Zack also did not miss to test the toughness of the S Pen on the Galaxy Note 9. In addition to scratching, Zack also tested the durability of the S Pen by bending it. As a result, the S Pen broke in Zack’s hand and this also indicates the strength of the stylus made by Samsung.

Do not stop there, Zack also tested the durability of the Galaxy Note 9 screen by burning it for 5 seconds. As a result, this smartphone’s Super AMOLED screen could cause black spots, but it quickly disappeared.

The last test, Zack bent the Galaxy Note 9. It has a fairly strong body, this Samsung smartphone has no damage. This also proves that Samsung is able to mix Note 9 with a solid design. What do you think?


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