The LG V40 Design Has Five Cameras to Be Visible

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This year LG has released two smartphones that are included in the V Series line, namely the LG V30S ThinQ and LG V35 ThinQ . Obviously, this is not LG’s habit. Even so, the two smartphones are indeed packaged to borrow a display from the V30 which was introduced last year.

The really new V Series handset that should appear in 2018 hasn’t arrived yet. However, a number of leaks said that the South Korean electronics manufacturer was working on the LG V40 and the rendering image had recently surfaced.

If you notice from a number of images shown, the LG V40 seems to be packaged as a smartphone without bangs. But don’t be easily fooled, the bangs pinned on the top screen seem to “turn off” using the options in the software.

LG V40 2

The left and right sides have bezel that is so thin and almost non-existent. While his chin is also very small compared to the two V Series smartphones mentioned above. Rumors are no less interesting, the LG V40 will have five cameras in one device.

Yes! It sounds very interesting. There are three rear cameras and two pinned front cameras. Of course this is a surprise by LG, though not a few who consider the steps LG follows Huawei P20 Pro as the first smartphone backed by three rear cameras.

Unfortunately there are no leaks regarding the embedded camera specifications. But not a few who hope, LG will still maintain its own wide-angle lens and the third lens has telephoto capabilities.

Not a few also estimate, the V40 will come with a very popular glass design, with a fingerprint sensor placed on the back. The Google Assistant button that debuted on the ThinQ G7 is also expected to remain included.

One thing that is not less interesting, mentioned V40 still includes a 3.5mm audio jack port and of course LG is also expected to load a Quad DAC into this homemade smartphone. Snapdragon 845 might be a V40 drive engine. Unfortunately, the screen technology is still mysterious.

So when will this smartphone be announced by LG? It is estimated, LG will announce the V40 in mid November 2018 .So we just wait for the next leaks from this V Series smartphone, especially the embedded hardware specifications.

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