This is a line of smartphones that can “trade-in” with OPPO Find X

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OPPO Find X Launch Indonesia

As informed, OPPO from August 8 to 12 2018 will hold a Trade-In Day Find X program . This event takes place in Central Park, Jakarta and aims to provide convenience for consumers who want to have OPPO Find X .

For those of you who are interested in joining this program, it’s easy. You can go directly to the location of the event and bring an old smartphone that you want to exchange with OPPO Find X. Most importantly, smartphones that want to be exchanged must be in good condition and without physical damage.

In addition, the OPPO Find X Trade-In Day program also does not accept exchanges with smartphones manufactured by local manufacturers. OPPO itself markets OPPO Find X in this program for Rp . 13,499,000 .

OPPO Find X Trade In

So, what brands of smartphones can be added to this program? Based on DroidLime’s observation when it came to the location of the event, OPPO opened an offer of smartphone users from Apple and Samsung to be exchanged with OPPO Find X.

For example, for consumers who want to exchange their Galaxy S9 + with OPPO Find X, the device made by Samsung is estimated at Rp . 7,500,000 . The highest rated smartphone is the iPhone X 256 GB , which is worth Rp10,100,000 .

However, the price is still in an approximate amount. In this exchange program, OPPO also involved Laku6 who was appointed to calculate more smartphone details belonging to consumers who wanted to be exchanged with OPPO Find X. How, you want to join this trade-in program?

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