Two Smartphones Are the First to Get Android 9 Pie

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Google has officially named its newest mobile operating system, Android P which can now be called Android 9 Pie . Through the website of its official blogger, Android Developers , Google revealed that it took them a year to develop this operating system.

During its journey, Google also conducted a series of tests aimed at keeping the operating system away from alias bug problems. Now, Android 9 Pie is ready to be launched and enjoyed by a number of smartphone manufacturers.

Mentioned, Android 9 Pie cannot be separated from the use of machine learning so that this mobile operating system can work optimally on smartphones. More than that, smartphones that adopt this operating system will be smarter, and can be adjusted to their users.

Therefore, Google also embeds quite a lot of the latest features into Android 9 Pie that can improve existing applications. Building a new experience to encourage user involvement is also a way for Google to mix this operating system better.

More than 140 thousand entries were received by Google to build the Android P preview version through the Android Beta Program . And there are at least seven device-making partners involved by Google in the development of this operating system.

Now, the source code has been pushed to the  Android Open Source Project (AOSP) , and started launching Android 9 Pie to all Google Pixel users around the world. To present more on other smartphones, the promised Android 9 Pie will be distributed in the near future.

Besides Pixel, Essential PH-1 has also been assigned to this new OS. Google also promises to continue to advance Android as an open platform for app developers worldwide. Hopefully, with the presence of Android 9 Pie, application developers and games around the world can be more passionate.

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