6.1 Inch iPhone Has More Color Choices

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Date 12 September 2018 had its day. Yes! On that date Apple will hold an event that will be held at the Steve Jobs Theater, Cupertino, United States to introduce the newest iPhone series born in 2018.

One of the iPhone touted to be introduced by Apple is the 6.1-inch iPhone with an LCD screen. It is estimated, this is the cheapest iPhone model that appeared this year marketed by Apple. Other models are iPhone Xs and Xs Max which have OLED display technology.

If iPhone Xs and Xs Max will come in white, black and gold, the 6.1-inch iPhone LCD will offer more color choices. In addition, through a leak that recently appeared on the internet, the 6.1-inch iPhone LCD is also supported by a dual-SIM Card tray .

iPhone 6.1 SIM Card


If the image is correct, this is the first iPhone that has dual-SIM card support and seems to be only available on a 6.1-inch iPhone that is marketed exclusively in China. While the color choices displayed are red, white, blue and that looks like rose gold .

Although it will be sold at a cheaper price, Apple also concocts this 6.1-inch iPhone with a sturdy aluminum frame. Likewise for the other two models. Also visible, the camera module is made larger than the iPhone model that appeared last year.

From the leaked image shown, it does not display the front of the screen at all. So it’s rather difficult to estimate whether this 6.1-inch iPhone model still has bangs on the screen or not. If there is a bangs, of course Apple will use the space to place the Face ID 1.0 .

Estimated price, the 6.1-inch iPhone LCD is said to be selling for the iPhone 8 when it was first introduced. As for the Xs iPhone model costs approximately equal to the iPhone 8 Plus and Max together with Xs iPhone iPhone X . Even so, we are just waiting on September 12 2018.

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