Close Promise, Samsung Send Update Fix Bixby on Galaxy Note 9

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Samsung in early August this year has released the Galaxy Note 9 . The presence of this Samsung-made premium smartphone received a positive response. For example, in Indonesia, not a few consumers are willing to queue to buy a smartphone worth tens of millions of rupiah.

This smartphone comes with an S Pen whose capabilities have been increased. As we know, the S Pen that became a “loyal friend” of the Galaxy Note 9 has been equipped with Bluetooth connectivity . So, we can use this S Pen like a remote that can operate the Note 9 remotely.

Not only that, Samsung also equipped the Galaxy Note 9 with the Bixby button . It’s just that, the presence of this button is complained by many users. Yes! The Bixby button on the Galaxy Note 9 is very different from the one on the Galaxy S9 / S9 + . This button is very, very sensitive!

So sensitive, touched a little, the Bixby application in the Galaxy Note can be active immediately. Of course this is a bit annoying for Galaxy Note 9 users. And not a few of them hope that Samsung will soon overcome this problem.

As promised at the end of August 2018, Samsung has indeed caught the complaints of its customers. Now, the South Korean electronics giant has distributed an update related to Bixby’s problems with the Galaxy Note 9.

Mentioned, through this update Galaxy Note 9 users can better control the existing Bixby button. A new option, allowing the user to set the Bixby button when pressing twice (double-tap) to open the application in question.

Samsung hopes, with this update there will be no more consumers complaining about the Bixby button on the Galaxy Note 9. That way, Samsung can refocus its attention to developing the Bixby application in a more desirable direction, which can help consumers in many ways.

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