Galaxy S10 will come with new designs and diverse colors

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Samsung’s flagship smartphone that will be available next year, the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be a special device. How come! This smartphone will be a “gift” the 10th anniversary of the Galaxy S Series introduced by Samsung.

At first, not a few who gave a leak that the 10th Galaxy S Series device will be made in three models, in which one model has three cameras on the back. In addition, there are also those who say the smartphone will come with the concept of folding.

However, these two things were denied by DJ Koh , as a senior at Samsung. He only confirmed that the Galaxy S10 which will be present in the next year will come as a completely different smartphone.

Not only that, he also added that there would be significant changes made by Samsung to present a more premium Galaxy S10 display. In addition, there will also be more attractive color choices that will be offered.

As written by GSMArena, sources close to Samsung officials don’t reveal more. If the Galaxy S10 will indeed have a new look, it means that the Infinity Display with curved edges must be made more impressive.

Rumors of the last three years also mention that Samsung plans to make a flagship smartphone with an OLED screen that has fingerprint capabilities on the screen. It is fitting, next year Samsung can implement it.

Because, now not a few smartphone manufacturers are presenting their middle-class products with a fingerprint scanner sensor on the screen. If you don’t want to be left behind, Samsung must have dared to go there.

The latest information coming from South Korea states that biometric scanner technology will replace the iris scanner. And there’s a possibility, Samsung will adopt 3D facial recognition to complete fingerprints.

Speaking of colors, Samsung Galaxy S9 was first introduced with a choice of colors Black Blue, Gray, and Lilac Purple. Soon there were additional colors, namely Burgundy Red and Sunrise Gold. Metallic Copper arrives for the color of the Galaxy Note 9 .

But not a few who hope, Samsung is more daring to pack the Galaxy S10 with colors that are more sleek like those offered by a number of Chinese smartphone manufacturers. Will Samsung do that? We’ll wait early next year.

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