Galaxy S9 for free: Samsung gives away top smartphone to villagers

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Galaxy S9 for free: Samsung gives away top smartphone

Fanboys just can not be converted. Who is not only satisfied with his smartphone manufacturer, but defended him despite all (legitimate) criticism, who will never switch to competition. Or is it? If it comes to Samsung, even the toughest “Appel” -Jünger can still be convinced.

To prove it, Samsung drove several dozen copies of the  Galaxy S9 to the Netherlands. There is in the province Gelderland, which borders on Germany, a village called Appel. As luck would have it, “Appel” in Dutch means nothing other than apple. 50 of the 312 villagers got a new Galaxy S9 – completely free, of course.

“Convince people of the Samsung Galaxy S9”

Why the whole action? Walt Meijer of Samsung Mobile, then “as many people as possible Samsung Galaxy S9”. The villagers are happy with their new top smartphone. Maybe Apple should visit them in a few weeks to win back the Appel community. Alternatively, they are welcome to drop by in the Upper Bavarian apple village.

What do you think about this unusual marketing campaign? How should Apple respond best now? Write your suggestions in the comments.

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