Huawei Kirin 980 is smarter and more powerful, this is the secret!

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After the leak had enlivened the internet, Huawei finally announced the presence of its newest SoC, Kirin 980 at the IFA 2018 event in Berlin. Hopefully, this chipset for the first time will later become the runway kitchen from the Mate 20 Series smartphone .

The main attraction of this chipset is the process technology adopted, namely 7nm and produced by TSMC . Not only offers more powerful performance, but this SoC is also more efficient than its predecessor or competing SoC which is produced through 10nm process technology.

Huawei itself packs the Kirin 980 using an 8-core CPU design with 2x “high-performance” Cortex-A76 and 2x “power-efficient” Cortex-A76 cores, as well as a 4x Cortex-A55 low power core. In addition, Huawei has also developed the “Flex-Scheduling” technology .

Huawei Kirin 980

This technology is present to establish a more appropriate core for the right task and achieve better efficiency. Unfortunately clock speed was not revealed by Huawei, but they said that the Kirin 980’s clock speed was higher than the previous generation.

To boost graphics performance, Kirin 980 uses the Mali-G76 GPU which was previously announced in May 2018. Huawei also boasted that the new GPU offers exceptional performance and is more efficient than the Mali-G72 in Kirin 970.

Huawei said that the new GPU was superior at 46% in terms of performance and 178% more efficient than previous generation GPUs. Huawei also immerses the latest clock-boosting technology to optimize performance if there is an application request or heavy game running.

All of the above ensures that the performance of the Kirin 980 is 37% better than the Kirin 970 found on the body of the Huawei P20 and P20 Pro. When compared with SoC produced using 10nm process technology, its performance is 20% better and 40% more efficient.

Kirin 980 is the first mobile chipset that supports LPDDR4X 2133 MHz and combines two NPU-specific chips. Huawei calls the two special NPU chips “Dual-Brain Power” which has 20% faster than the single NPU chip in Kirin 970.

Other important features include 6.9 billion transistors crammed into 1cm square (1.6 times more than its predecessor), 1.4 Gbps Cat 21 LTE modems, and up to 1.732 Mbps super fast Wi-Fi. There is also more efficient ISP support in this SoC.

Not only that, Huawei also buried other interesting features, such as the new HDR color reproduction technology, reduction of Multi-pass noise that is able to eliminate artifacts without damaging image details and better motion tracking.

So, when can this Huawei-made SoC really be felt? For this reason Hauwei still doesn’t want to talk much. But not a few who estimate the new Kirin 980 will be available in October 2018, precisely when Huawei released Mate 20 and 20 Pro in October 2018 .

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