JerryRig Fails to Bust the iPhone Xs Max

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Buying an expensive smartphone only to be tested for durability? That is what is always done by the owner of the JerryRigEverything channel on YouTube. After successfully testing the durability and dissecting the Pocophone F1, it is now JerryRig’s turn to test the durability of the iPhone Xs Max .

Yes! Not kidding, JerryRig also showed in a 7-minute video more how he tested the durability of the Apple- made smartphone body by scratched, burned the screen, and the peak was to bend the smartphone sold starting from the price of US $ 1,099.

As usual, the first test is to scratch the iPhone Xs Max screen. Smartphone made by Apple with a 6.5-inch AMOLEDscreen apparently has a durability that is no different from most Android flagship smartphones in general.

Yes! The iPhone Xs Max in JerryRig’s hands is only able to withstand the 6 Ohm pressure level. It seems clear, at this level the iPhone Xs Max screen starts to be slightly scratched. Worse, at a pressure of 7 Ohm, the scratches became clearer.

Strung with a stainless steel frame, it doesn’t mean the iPhone Xs Max can’t be scratched with a cutter. Evidently, a frame that protects the screen is also easily scratched. Likewise with the glass coating on the back panel and the glass that protects the two main camera lenses.

Even so, this smartphone must be recognized as having a solid body. Because to produce scratches in all modules tested, it must be done with high pressure. This also proves that Apple has designed its latest iPhone body well and perfectly.

Enter the next extreme test, which burns the iPhone Xs Max AMOLED screen. Very surprisingly, when burned in about 1 more minute, the iPhone Xs Max screen in JerryRig’s hands did not cause black spots at all.

The last is the test of bending the device. Unlike other flagship smartphones that are easily bent by JerryRig’s hands, the iPhone Xs Max has no damage at all. Intrigued by that? Check out the video below!

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