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iPhone XS 4

Until now, the two latest iPhone models that have been marketed since September 21, 2018 are still interesting discussions. Not only discussed by users who have purchased this device, but also continue to be reviewed by a number of gadget technology reviewers.

Like when tested by JerryRig , iPhone Xs has a body that is fairly solid and strong so it is not easy to bend. But on the other hand, a number of reviewers complained about the durability of the Super AMOLED iPhone Xs and Xs Maxscreens .

Yes! When these two models were tested, the drop test was dropped from several heights, the iPhone Xs and Xs Max screens were apparently easy to crack. But that is not less interesting, DisplayMate assesses that the iPhone Xs Max screen in its test is able to achieve an A + value.

So, how do the iPhone Xs and Xs Max be in the hands of the users themselves? Complaints that have recently occurred, both the latest iPhone models apparently have problems with WiFi connections . Not a few users complain about this.

Even recently, there are also users who complain about charging on the iPhone Xs and Xs Max in their hands. Yes! Many users have reported this problem to Apple regarding their device that doesn’t automatically charge when the Lightning cable is plugged in.

In some cases, there are users who say that they have to tap on the screen to “unload” the device and start charging. Another case, the user must revoke and re-plug the existing Lightning cable.

Seeing this, Lewis from Unbox Theraphy took the initiative to conduct a similar test. No kidding, he collected several units of iPhone Xs and Xs Max. Indeed, most of the devices tested, there appear to be some devices that have charging problems.

Meanwhile, when Lewis tested the iPhone X, the device introduced by Apple last year was not at all a problem. Unfortunately, Apple has also not dealt with this problem and the emergence of the #chargegate hashtag is expected to help a lot.

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