Not Giving Up, HTC Will Work on Flagship Driven by Snapdragon 855

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In 2011, HTC successfully launched HTC Senation and Sensation XL . In fact, both of them reap sales that make HTC so attention by gadget lovers and feared by its competitors. But after that, HTC actually experienced a decline in revenue.

Not only monthly income, for quarterly and yearly, HTC’s income also continues. Even the latest report that rolled out earlier this week said that the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer had a 53% annual income.

Looking at this, of course not a few who now doubt the sustainability of the business run by HTC. Even so, HTC’s senior design, Kevin Duo revealed through his profile on LinkedIn that HTC is still trying to present its newest device.

Yes! After utilizing the Snapdragon 845 earlier this year, HTC seems to be developing a smartphone with a Snapdragon 855 chipset . Of course this is a signal thrown by HTC that they will continue to compete in this industry.

Snapdragon 855 is a chipset owned by Qualcomm whose presence has yet to be announced. This chipset itself is predicted to be built using 7nm process technology . Obviously, not only offers better performance, this chipset will also provide very significant efficiency.

In addition to its updated development process, the chipset is also promised to have better performance than the Kirin 980 made by Huawei or A12 produced by Apple. It is said, this chipset will also be integrated with the Snapdragon X24modem which includes 4G LTE support.

As written by Duo in his profile, it seems that HTC is also planning to adopt a superior Snapdragon X50 . It is clear, HTC’s desire to realize its desire to develop a smartphone with 5G connectivity support.

Will the strategy carried out by HTC by adopting Snapdragon 855 be successful? Of course this question can only be answered if HTC implements this desire and the smartphone it makes offers many surprising features for prospective users. It is not like that?

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