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Leaks about the brand new OnePlus smartphone , the OnePlus 6T continues to roll. Previously, the leaks that really caught the attention of many gadget lovers were also the subject of conversation. Yes! The OnePlus 6T will have a fingerprint scanner on the screen.

Long before that, there were leaks that stated that the OnePlus 6T would come with three rear cameras and had small bangs similar to water droplets. Yes! You could say the bangs on the OnePlus 6T are identical to those of OPPO R17 Pro.

Now, the official video from OnePlus, which lasts six seconds, also comes along in cyberspace. Posted via the official OnePlus account on Twitter, this animated video shows a shielded image with the letter “T” written on it.

OnePlus 6T Twitter

In addition, the short video also inserts the text that reads “Unlock the Future” . At the end of the video, the name of the device is revealed. Yes! The official name of this device is indeed referred to as OnePlus 6T. The writing that accompanies this post also mentions “It’s coming” .

You could say, this is the first official video posted by OnePlus. Predictably, the short message that reads “Unlock The Future” is closely related to the biometric security adopted by OnePlus, the fingerprint scanner on the screen.

Meanwhile on the other hand, OnePlus has also announced the contest “The LAB – OnePlus 6T Edition”. In this contest, OnePlus will choose 10 lucky people to get hands-on experience from OnePlus 6T before launching.

In this contest, selected people will receive a review unit from OnePlus 6T and will share the results of their review to the OnePlus community. Yes! You could say through this contest OnePlus does want to be closer to many gadget lovers around the world.

OnePlus 6T is planned to be introduced by OnePlus on October 17 2018 . In addition to the fingerprint scanner support on the screen, this smartphone also has a dual-camera rear and a 3.700 mAh battery. Unfortunately, OnePlus will discard 3.5mm audio jack port support.

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