Unloaded iFixit, iPhone Xs Series Only Earns 6 Points

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Apple on September 21, 2018 has begun selling two new iPhone models, iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max . While one other model that has also been introduced, thenew iPhone Xr will be sold at the end of October 2018.

Well! Two models that have been sold, namely the iPhone Xs and Xs Max are able to lure many gadget lovers. We can see this with snaking queues in a number of Apple Stores in countries that have been designated by Apple to market the new iPhone.

As usual, the site that deals with loading and unloading, iFixit has the opportunity to dissect the contents of iPhone Xs and Xs Max. Yes! Especially what will be done by iFixit if it is not to dismantle the iPhone Xs Series to find out all the secrets on the smartphone.

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It was mentioned by iFixit, that the two latest smartphones from Apple are very similar to the iPhone X which launched last year. Even so, there are some changes made by Apple in the body of the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max.

A very striking change is related to the embedded battery. If the iPhone X has two battery cells with a total of 2,716 mAh, the iPhone Xs has a single L-cell with a capacity of 2,659 mAh . While the Xs Max retains two cells with a capacity of 3,179 mAh .

Still according to iFixit, they have difficulty finding water or dust resistance which he said has been improved. As Apple calls it, they have equipped iPhone Xs and Xs Max with IP68 certification , while the iPhone X is only equipped with IP67 as it is on the iPhone Xr.

Even so, iFixit does see that the Cupertino technology giant has buried many internal components in Xs and Xs Max. One of them is a chipset that deals with power management developed by Apple itself.

Minor improvements that were also caught by iFixit, both of these smartphones have been equipped with a new antenna line at the bottom of the device. In addition, the camera bump is slightly higher than the iPhone X.

So, what about the scores related to the ability of the iPhone Xs and Xs Max to be fixed if you experience problems? iFixit assesses, the two new Apple smartphones have a “repairability” score of 6 out of 10 . iFixit states that the value of 10 means it’s very easy to repair.

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