Xiaomi Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite Already Recorded at SDPPI Kominfo

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In the Indonesian market Xiaomi continues to make a breakthrough by introducing a series of new smartphones. Not long ago, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer has introduced the Redmi 6 and Redmi 6A . Aimed at the entry-level market, this smartphone also comes at an attractive price.

It seems like this year Xiaomi’s movement in Indonesia doesn’t just stop there. Yes! In the near future, they are ready to bring other smartphones that have been introduced in Madrid, Spain in July 2018. Especially if it’s not Xiaomi Mi A2 and Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite .

Yes! As promised through the presentation, Xiaomi will indeed bring the two Android One smartphones to many countries, one of them Indonesia. Unfortunately they did not mention specifically when these two smartphones were in the Indonesian market.

Mi A2 Lite 1

But what you should know, both the Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite, both have been recorded in the regulatory body of the Director General of SDPPI Kominfo . This means that the two smartphones have indeed fulfilled TKDN rules and are ready to launch in the near future.

Mi A2 itself comes with hardware support that is no less interesting. This smartphone has been equipped with Snapdragon 660 AIE chipset as its brain. The chipset will also be combined with a choice of 4GB and 6GB RAM, as well as storage options with a capacity of up to 128GB.

The Mi A2 Lite, which bears the title of “entry-level Android One”, comes with the Snapdragon 625 chipset . There are two choices of RAM offered, namely 3 GB and 4 GB and two storage options, namely 32 GB and 64 GB.

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