Responding to the “Charging Issue”, Apple Releases iOS 12.0.1

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 iPhone XS dan XS Max

After being eagerly awaited, Apple finally responded to the problem that the user complained about charging into his latest iPhone device. Yes! The technology giant from Cupertino, United States of America immediately released iOS version 12.0.1.

Mentioned, iOS version 12.0.1 is an effective solution to fix one of the problems that are widely reported by users, namely charging issue. As we know, not a few users when they want to recharge their newest iPhone, the device can’t be filled right away.

As experienced by iPhone Xs belonging to one of the people at DroidLime (Wasa Wirman), the device when connected with a Lightning cable is not directly charged. The process that must be done is to unplug the Lightning cable, then plug it in again.

Charging issue itself arises from a number of the latest iPhone users in the United States. Seeing this, Lewis from Unbox Theraphy tried testing. As a result, a number of iPhone Xs and Xs Max in their hands cannot directly charge.

Not a few users complained about this and they immediately posted the problem in Apple’s official forum. In the end, Apple also had to release an operating system update that was developed, namely iOS 12.0.1. Of course, this is good news received by users.

In addition, the operating system update rolled out by Apple is also to fix several other problems, including weak Wi-Fi connectivity. Large update files are only about 100MB and are now available for download by iPhone Xs and Xs Max

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