7 OnePlus 6T details that you might have overlooked

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It has finally arrived. The OnePlus 6T became official only a few hours ago , and we have already been able to fully analyze the latest creation of the sister company of OPPO and Vivo, which comes to make it difficult for the other high-performance models launched during this final stretch of 2018.

Although we have reviewed all the specifications and features of the phone, and have even compared it with the previous OnePlus 6 , some of the details that make this OnePlus 6T unique have been overlooked. Therefore, in this article we will collect some of the most interesting curiosities of the new “flagship killer” from China, which can be purchased from next November 6 from 549 euros .

The “chin” is even smaller than that of the OnePlus 6

The aesthetic changes that come to the OnePlus 6T are not only reduced to the shape of a drop of water and a fingerprint reader that disappears from the back. Other subtle changes also appear, such as the reduction in size suffered by the lower margin of the screen – the “chin” -, now somewhat thinner than in the case of OnePlus 6 . This has allowed OnePlus to introduce 6.41-inch screen in a body that only exceeds that of OnePlus 6 by a couple of millimeters, with a front panel occupancy percentage of 86%.

When you unlock the device through the new on-screen fingerprint reader, an animation will appear around the unlock icon while the fingerprint is detected. This effect can be modified by the user, being possible to choose between three different ones through Settings / Security and Screen Block / HUella digital / Effect of fingerprint animation.

It is the first with the security patch of November 2018

Not only comes with a quick software, with useful features and as close as possible to “pure Android”. The OnePlus 6T is also one of the most updated smartphones that exist, thanks to Android 9.0 Pie and the security patch of November 2018 , thus being the first to have security improvements next month.

It is possible to choose any color of the RGB spectrum as accent color

Continuing with the software, OxygenOS is characterized by having different customization options through which to modify the interface to suit the user. One of them is the possibility of changing the accent color of the system . The main novelty in this aspect that introduces the OnePlus 6T resides in the new option that allows to select any tone of the RGB spectrum to use it as an accent color.

You can access the Google assistant with a long press on the power button

One detail that can be overlooked, but is really useful, is the ability to access Google Assistant through a half-second press on the phone’s power button , regardless of whether the screen is off or on. This gesture is useful, especially when using the new OnePlus gesture navigation system, since when the navigation bar disappears there is no easy way to invoke the Assistant.

The main novelty that reaches the OnePlus 6T camera is the Nightscape mode, an option that allows to improve the images made at night or in low light environments, through the combination of various photos that are made in a period of 2 seconds. after pressing the shutter button. This option, however, will not be exclusive to the OnePlus 6T, but will reach OnePlus 6 this week through a software update.

To unlock the phone with your fingerprint, you must first turn on the screen

In our analysis, we concluded that the fingerprint reader on the OnePlus 6T screen was somewhat less slow and imprecise than that of the previous OnePlus 6. Another advantage that must be added to this reader, that it will not be possible to unlock the screen through the fingerprint when it is off, but the panel must be turned on first to be able to use the fingerprint as the unlock method.

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