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OnePlus 6T Image

OnePlus 6T was officially introduced yesterday (29/10). As expected, this one flagship smartphone carries a screen design similar to its brother, OPPO F9 and Vivo V11 with thin waterdrop and bezel bangs.

But not only that, OnePlus 6T has now also adopted fingerprint under display technology. While the photography sector relies on a 20 MP + 16 MP dual-camera configuration.


And as always, performance is certain to be the main selling of this smartphone. OnePlus 6T relies on the Snadpragon 845 chipset along with up to 8 GB of RAM. Well, how fast is the performance?

Luckily this smartphone has been benchmarked by AnTuTu. Based on the tests conducted, OnePlus 6T won a score of 298 thousand points. This means that OnePlus 6T is listed as the second fastest Android smartphone version of AnTuTu following the ASUS ROG Phone (300 thousand points).

Just for info, previously OnePlus 6 only won a score of 289 thousand points, relying on the same processor. But it seems that the OnePlus 6T ranking in the AnTuTu database will soon be shifted considering that there is already a Huawei Mate 20 series that can score above 300 thousand points.

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