Back Troll, Huawei Flick Apple and Samsung via Twitter

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As we all know, there are currently three global smartphone manufacturers sitting at the top, namely Samsung , Appleand Huawei . It seems that until the end of this year the three will not be displaced by other smartphone manufacturers.

Yes! The hard work shown by the three manufacturers is what makes them difficult to shift from the position of the top three global smartphone markets. Moreover, Samsung and Huawei continue to be so diligent in spawning many smartphone series this year and Apple has just marketed three new iPhone models.

It is not surprising that the three of them also mutually to “tackle” on the market. For example, what Huawei did when “attacking directly” by handing out powerbanks to those who queued to buy iPhone Xs and Xs Max at the Apple Store in Singapore.

Huawei Nge Troll

Not shy, Huawei also had time to give a short message with the Powerbank that reads “You’ll need it”. It could be, the distribution of Powerbank is at the same time an affirmation from Huawei that the latest iPhone released by Apple has a bad battery capacity.

Not there, Huawei also returned to Apple trolls when they introduced the Mate 20 Series . Yes! In one of his presentation slides, Huawei showed the superiority of Mate 20 Pro that could become a “Powerbank” for iPhone Xs Max through the newly introduced wireless charging feature.

Again and again, Huawei again throws a new bullet that this time not only aimed at Apple, but also Samsung. Yes! the protest sent by Huawei to Samsung in connection with the fine imposed by the  Italian Competition Authority to Samsung and Apple.

No kidding, the fines that have to be paid by Samsung and Apple are fairly large, which is worth US $ 17.06 million. The fine was the result of an investigation that revealed that the two manufacturers forced updates to users which resulted in slower devices running.

This forces smartphone owners from Samsung and Apple to be more likely to upgrade their devices or buy new ones. Apple actually faced similar controversy at the end of last year when it was revealed that updates were made to slow battery performance.

Currently Samsung has denied doing that. However, the Italian Competition Authority found the opposite and had already imposed fines on the two global smartphone manufacturers. Well! Huawei did not allow this golden opportunity to tackle the rival.

Through Twitter, Huawei again sang to promote the latest Mate 20 Pro. This Chinese smartphone manufacturer claims that they have never slowed down their homemade smartphone or forced an upgrade.

In addition, Huawei also claims that the Mate 20 Pro will not have slowing performance like other flagship smartphones. Huawei’s tweets also include the #BornFastStaysFast and #NeverSlowDown tags.

On the other hand, Huawei itself also has a bad image that they were caught having tricked benchmarking applications. As a result, smartphones developed by Huawei have performance for better testing scores. That’s where Apple and Samsung actually can laugh at Huawei.

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